Photo Gallery

Harrison Elementary Kindergarten, Morning Class - 1951-52  Front Row: Cheryl Cornelius, Kathleen Losekamp, Jeri Parks, Pat Kolb, Barbara Smith, Charlene Miller, Faye Johnson; 2nd Row: Jerry Leeker, Keith Donawerth, Sandy Henzerling, Donna Jessey (twin sister of Ron), Janet Sperry, Vicki Haas, Barbara Strimple, Dennis Wolf, Paul Bennett, Mrs. Cox;  3rd Row:  Ricky Harless, Jon Jackson, Bob Newhouse, Ron Jessey (twin brother of Donna), Tom Roudebush, Ron Kinnett, Dick Gieringer, Keith Bright, Wayne Foster, Tom Pottenger.  Many thanks to Keith Bright for providing the copy of this wonderful photo and to Janet Sperry Mauthe for her help with identification!


Harrison Elementary Kindergarten, Afternoon Class - 1951-52   Front Row:  Stephen Bertke, Paul Crowell, Lloyd Nowlin, Larry Kinnett, Eddie Wolfe; 2nd Row:  Sharon Jackson, Sally Roudebush, Lois Quatkemeyer, Karen Lang, Esther Grubbs, Frances Roudebush; 3rd Row: Ronnie Poe, Harriett Rolfes, John Steele, ???, ???, Donna McClure, ???, Marjorie McAdams; 4th Row: Sue Jaisle, David Smith, Bill Kocher, Mrs. Cox, Ray Green, Cheryl Morris, ???   Many thanks to Esther Grubbs Hocker for providing this photo, which she managed to salvage from a tornado that went through her area in 1989!  Thanks to Harriett Rolfes Doyle who helped identify classmates.  Can anyone confirm the identity of those in question?


Harrison Elementary - 2nd Grade, 1953-54; Front Row: Cynthia Wilks, ?, Ruth Green ?, Stephen Bertke, Sandy Henzerling, Denver Johnston, Janice Kern, Sally Roudebush, Cheryl Cornelius. 2nd Row: Larry Kinnett, ?, Bev Taylor, ?, Pat Kolb, Phyllis Goldey, Joyce Federmann, Peggy Dole, Reggie Monroe, Paul Crowell, Eddie Wolf. Back Row:  Mrs. Kelly, Ron Poe, Jerry Cochran, Lloyd Nowlin, ?, Ron Kinnett, Foster Harris, David Smith, Wayne Foster & Fred Beardsley.  Photo provided by Joyce Federmann Steinfort.  Can anyone confirm the identity of those in question?


Brownie Troop - Taken around 1953 on the steps of the old elementary school on Broadway, which has been torn down.  Photo provided by Joyce Federmann Steinfort.

Front Row: Lois Quatkemeyer, Sue Jaisle, Harriet Rolfes, Jo Ann Hartman

2nd Row: Pat Kolb, Beverly Taylor, Cheryl Cornelius

3rd Row: Donna McClure, ???, Phyllis Goldey, Kathleen Losekamp, Cynthia Wilks

4th Row: Joyce Federmann, Janet Sperry, Sally Roudebush, Barbara Smith


Harrison Elementary School on Broadway in Harrison.  This school has since been torn down.  Many of us attended this school in our early grade school years.  Remember the outside drinking fountains to the left & right of the main entrance?


This was once the old high school on Broadway.  When the new high school was built, this became another elementary building.  Many of our classmates attended this school our 7th and 8th grade years.


Harrison Elementary Boys Basketball Team, 1958-59 - We won the championship that year!  Teams played were Taylor, Springmeyer, Delhi, Crosby & Whitewater.  Whitewater's team consisted of students from Miamitown, Hooven & Elizabethtown Elementaries.  Thanks to Keith Bright for providing this photo.

Front Row: Cheerleaders: Jeri Parks, Toni Reese, Judy Moellers, Pat Morling, Karen Everett

2nd Row: Bill Hines, Larry Kinnett, Dwight Smith, Terry Hornsby, Larry Smith, Phil Crouch, John Irvine

Back Row:  Coach Ron Wilcox, Jimmy Burge, Kenny Wiggers, John McCoy, Keith Bright, Jack Loos, Denny Retherford, Manager


Harrison Elementary 8th grade graduating class - 1960.  Our principal was Mr. Ernest Smith and 8th grade teachers were Mrs. Alma Frey & Mr. Robert Bryant.

Front Row: Cynthia Wilks, Rowena Krull, Nancy Kern, Barbara Siebenthal, Janice Kern, Barbara McGregor, Marjorie Shields, Donna McClure, Sharon Jackson, Joyce Federmann, Patty Kolb, Janice Harrison, Ruth Wethington, Gladys Fultz, Phyllis Goldey

2nd Row: Janet Harrison, Donna Parker, Beverly Sturgill, Cheryl Cornelius, Janet Sperry, Sandy Speakman, Sally Roudebush, Karen Haisley, Frances Roudebush, Marva Johnston, Esther Grubbs, Cheryl Metcalf, Marjorie McAdams, Jeri Parks

3rd Row: Jon Jackson, James Whetzel, Bill Burdett, Jack McConnell, Larry Kinnett, Paul Bennett, Jan Everett, Buzzy Wright, Norman Combs, Dennis Retherford, Glen Goldsmith, Steve Bertke, Fred Beardsley, Jerry Cochran, Stanley Snyder, Russ Ernst

4th Row: Phil Crouch, Don Dalrymple, Robert Black, Bill Green, Ronald Poe, Jerry Loos, Robert Newhouse, Lloyd Nowlin, Dick Gieringer, Gerald Nocks, Keith Bright, Foster Harris, Tom Harris, Ray Green


St. John the Baptist School located at Park & Hill Streets, Harrison, Ohio.



St. John the Baptist,  First Communion Class, 1954  - Thanks to Jean Bollen Selm for providing this photo.

1st Row: Linda Losekamp, Sheila O'Connor, Sue Jaisle, Mildred Barth, Karen Lang, Dorothy Beetz, Lois Quatkemeyer, JoAnn Hartman & Debbie Sowders

2nd Row: Jimmy Simmerman, Michael Long, Tom Roudebush, Bill Kocher, John Steele, Bob Ennis & Tippy Biddle

3rd Row: Jean Bollen, Maureen Magallen, Father Bachus, Ruth Walter, Harriett Rolfes & Kathleen Losekamp


St. John's Basketball Team, 1959 - Thanks to Jean Bollen Selm for providing this photo.

1st Row: Glenn Huismann, Doug Doerflein, ?????, John Steele, Jimmy Deters, Michael Steele

2nd Row: Coach Coke Powers, Steve Davis, Rich Doyle, Bill Kocher, Joel Cornelius, Bob Ennis, Albert Kichler & Coach Jim Powers


 St. John the Baptist 8th Grade Class - 1959-60.  Our teacher and principal was Sister Mary Olive.  Thanks to JoAnn Hartman Minor for providing this photo.

Front Row, left to right: Tom Frondorf, Sandy Henzerling, Sheila O'Connor, John Egbert, Bill Kocher, Bob Ennis

2nd Row: Tom Roudebush, Ruth Walter, Joel Cornelius, Mildred Barth, Carole Bolser, Richard Doyle

3rd Row: Matilda Seiter, Margie Kunze, JoAnn Hartman, Sue Jaisle, Kathleen Losekamp, Harriett Rolfes

4th Row: Albert Kichler, Lois Quatkemeyer, Steve Davis, Jean Bollen, Johnny Steele, Jimmy Simmerman


St. John's 8th Grade Graduation Class - 1960.  Thanks to JoAnn Hartman Minor for providing this photo.

Front Row: JoAnn Hartman, Kathleen Losekamp, Mildred Barth, Margie Kunze, Lois Quatkemeyer, Harriett Rolfes, Carole Bolser

2nd Row: Sue Jaisle, Ruth Walter, Matilda Seiter, Jean Bollen, Sandy Henzerling, Sheila O'Connor

3rd Row: Johnny Steele, Jimmy Simmerman, Tom Frondorf, Albert Kichler, Tom Roudebush, Steve Davis

4th Row: John Egbert, Bill Kocher, Joel Cornelius, Bob Ennis (partially hidden) & Richard Doyle


Crosby School is located on New Haven Road, just outside of the small town of New Haven.


Crosby Elementary 5th Grade Class - 1956-57.  Many thanks to Barbara Strimple Disbro for providing the photo & to Gary Pursifull, Calvin Crawford, Linda Mahoney Rolle & Linda Poling Burson for assisting with identification.

Front Row:  Terry Smith, Calvin Crawford, Gary Bowers, Jack McConnell, Howard Jenkins

2nd Row: Viola Ashcraft, Linda Poling, Belle Jenkins, Gayle Taylor, Jean Hensley, Diane Hearing, twin sisters Joyce & Janet Patrick

3rd Row: Shirley Williams, Pat Nowlin, Nancy Fryman, Linda Mahoney, Charlene Miller, Laurel Powell, Barbara Strimple & Sue Risener

4th Row: Karen Wilson, Floyd Mozena, Larry Steinfort, Tom Pottenger, Gary Pursifull, Paul Allard, Mrs. Thelma Hawk, teacher


Crosby Elementary 6th Grade Class - 1958.

Front Row: Linda Poling, Karen Wilson, Gloria Fagaly, Gayle Taylor, Belle Jenkins, Viola Ashcraft

2nd Row: Floyd Mozena, Barbara Strimple, Larry Steinfort, ????, ????, ????, Charles Keppler

3rd Row: Calvin Crawford, Jean Hensley, Tom Pottenger, Linda Mahoney, Gary Pursifull, Howard Jenkins, ????

Crosby Elementary 8th Grade Class - 1959-60.  Many thanks to Barbara Strimple Disbro for providing this photo.

Front Row: Charles Keppler, Howard Jenkins, Linda Poling, June Guard, Viola Ashcraft

2nd Row: Karen Wilson, Shirley Williams, Dennis Woodington, Linda Mahoney, Jerry McArthur, Barbara Strimple, Gayle Taylor, Calvin Crawford

3rd Row: Mr. James Clemmons, Floyd Mozena, Larry Steinfort, Gloria Fagaly, Tom Pottenger, Gary Pursifull, Nancy Fryman, Gary Bowers, Margaret Wallace


Crosby Elementary 8th Grade Graduation - 1960

Front Row: Viola Ashcraft, Gloria Fagaly, Gayle Taylor, Karen Wilson, Margaret Wallace, June Guard, Nancy Fryman, Linda Mahoney, Shirley Williams, Linda Poling, Barbara Strimple

2nd Row: Charles Keppler, Floyd Mozena, Gary Bowers, Dennis Woodington, Jerry McArthur, Tom Pottenger, Gary Pursifull, Larry Steinfort, Calvin Crawford, Howard Jenkins


Miamitown Elementary School in 1958, located on State & Mill Streets in Miamitown, Ohio.



Miamitown Elementary School 6th grade class, Photo taken in May, 1958.  Our teacher was Mrs. Pauline McKenzie.  Many thanks to Barbara Smith Vanover for providing the photos of Miamitown Elementary School and the 6th grade class.  Also thanks to Pat Loos Lovins, Nancy Young Blanton & Betty Knock Mori for assisting with identification.

Front Row: Wayne Foster, Norman Neeley, Russell Simmonds, Tommy Gerwe, Gary Jennison, Gregory Brackmeier, Kenny Horn

2nd Row: Helen Isler, Rita Guard , Virginia Wheeldon, Barbara Smith, Cynthia Wilks, Betty Knock, Jean Napier, Ray St.John

3rd Row: Virginia Stindt, James Bledsoe, James Stockhoff, Barbara Linde, Nancy Young, Patricia Loos, Donna Willoughby, Jean Campbell, Donna Hetisimer


Miamitown 8th Grade Class - 1959-1960.  Many thanks to Pat Loos Lovins for providing this photo. 

Front Row: Pat Casady, Donna Willoughby, Pam Casady, Jean Napier, Greg Brackmeier

2nd Row: Mrs. Willsey, Virginia Stindt, Nancy Young, Dorothy Black, Betty Knock, Barbara Linde, Pat Loos

3rd Row: Tom Gerwe, Norman Neeley, Dan Lowther, Wayne Willis, Ron Emery, Gary Jennison, Russ Simmonds


Miamitown 8th Grade Graduation Picture, May 26, 1960.  Many thanks to Pat Loos Lovins for providing this photo.

Front Row: Pam Casady, Dorothy Black, Pat Loos, Pat Casady, Betty Knock, Virginia Stindt, Barbara Linde

2nd Row: Mrs. Willsey, Nancy Young, Norman Neeley, Ron Emery, Dan Lowther, Wayne Willis, Gary Jennison, Tom Gerwe, Russ Simmonds, Greg Brackmeier & Donna Willoughby


 Hooven Elementary School, located on Chidlaw Avenue in the town of Hooven, Ohio.


Elizabethtown Elementary School was located at 3439 Wayne Street in Elizabethtown, Ohio.  Unfortunately the school was destroyed by arsonists in April, 2010.  Many thanks to Darlene Hume for providing us with all the Elizabethtown Elementary pictures!  Also, thanks to the following classmates for helping with identification: Martha Adams, Diane Stroud Palmer, Della Hall Pennington, Barbara Smith Vanover & Bob Barth (Class of '63).


 Elizabethtown Elementary School - 1st & 2nd grades combined.  Class of '64 members would have been in the 1st. grade, - 1952-53  Front Row: Bob Wallace, Diana Stroud, Darlene Hume, Garry Retherford, Bobby Barth, Ann Andresen, Emma Rose, Bobby Storms; 2nd Row: Robin Smith, Donnie Duncan, Larry Nixon, Delores Foerst, Betty Brooks, ????, ????, Tom Hazenfield, Clarence Beck; Back Row:  Mrs. Garrison, Georgia Simonson, Charlene Hamilton, Eddie Trimnell, Dan Debruler, Mike Mason, Dick Dunaway, Sherry Moak.  If you can help with identification of the other students, please contact Joyce Federmann Steinfort.


Elizabethtown Elementary School - 4th & 5th grades combined.  Class of '64 members would have been in the 4th grade. - 1955-56  Front Row: Diana Stroud, Bobby Storms, Darlene Hume, Robin Smith, Roberta Fallis, Bob Wallace, Delores Foerst; 2nd Row: Arthur Graves, Georgia Simonson, Tom Hazenfield, Ann Andresen, Donnie Duncan, Gloria Gehring; Back Row: Mrs. Gesell, Junior Cole, Eileen Nichols, Gary Retherford, Charlene Hamilton, Dick Dunaway.


 Elizabethtown Elementary School - 5th & 6th grades combined.  Class of '64 members would have been in the 5th grade - 1956-57  Front Row: David Schlaubach, Robin Smith, Donnie Duncan, Arthur Graves, Glenn Crocker; 2nd Row: Charles Weaver, Janice Harrison, Roberta Fallis, Delores Foerst, ????, Darlene Hume, Bob Wallace; 3rd Row: Dan Dunaway, Tom Hazenfield, Georgia Simonson, Gary Retherford, Gloria Gehring, ????, Bobby Storms; Back Row: Bill Hines, Dick Dunaway, Eileen Nichols, ????, Junior Cole, Ann Andresen, Charlene Hamilton, Bobby Barth.  Contact Joyce Federmann Steinfort if you are able to help with identification.


Elizabethtown Elementary School - 5th & 6th grades combined.  Class of '64 members would have been in the 6th grade. - 1957-58  Front Row: Irwin Nixon, ????, Dan Dunaway, ?? Johnson, Bob Wallace, David Pope; 2nd Row: Lois Gehring, Joyce Dodt, ????, Marsha Storms, Judy Ketterer, Cheryl Fairchild, ????, Haroline Andresen, Sylvia German;  3rd Row: Karen Rolfe, ????, Mary Rhoades, Sonya German, Roberta Fallis, Charlene Hamilton, Darlene Hume, Wayne Stroud, Arthur Graves, Shirley Weisbrodt, Michelle Pies, Mrs. Gesell;  Back Row: ????, Larry Nixon, Bill Hines, Gary Retherford, Kenny Goins, Emma Rose, ????, Russell Campbell;  If you can help with identification please contact Joyce Federmann Steinfort.


Elizabethtown Elementary School - 7th & 8th grades combined.  Class of '64 members would have been in the 7th grade - 1958-59  Front Row: Sally Blakemore, Bob Wallace, Darlene Hume, Tom Hazenfield, Arthur Graves, Bobby Storms, Drenda Wolfe  2nd Row: Mr. Shaeffer, Lula Sharp, Dick Dunaway, Mike Mason, Ken Goins, Charlene Hamilton, Mr. Wright, Principal;  Back Row: Gloria Gehring, Bobby Barth, Georgia Simonson, Eileen Nichols, Sherry Moak, Delores Foerst, Ann Andresen


Elizabethtown Elementary School - 8th Grade Class, 1959-1960 - Front Row: Bobby Carroll, Sylvia Stewart, Jean Hensley, Tim Davidson, Darlene Hume, Barbara Smith, Della Hall, Glenn Grocker; 2nd Row: Mr. Wright-Principal, Martha Adams, Virginia Smith, Kenny Goins, Mike Mason, Eddie Bullen, Charlene Hamilton, Bobby Wallace, Mr. Shaeffer; Back Row: Wayne Foster, Arthur Graves, Bill Hines, Ron Kinnett, Bob Morris, Jim Bledsoe, Vaughn Martin 


Elizabethtown Elementary School - 8th Grade Graduation Photo, 1960 - Front Row: Della Hall, Gloria Whitaker, Darlene Hume, Barbara Smith, Laurel Powell, Virginia Smith, Charlene Hamilton, Jean Hensley, Sylvia Stewart, Martha Adams; Back Row: Glenn Crocker, Vaughn Martin, Bobby Carroll, Jim Bledsoe, Bill Hines, Wayne Foster, Ken Goins, Ron Kinnett, Mike Mason, Eddie Bullen, Bob Morris, Gary Retherford, Arthur Graves, Bob Wallace